Luminess Air New Beauty Edition – Medium Reviews

Posted on August 17, 2013 – 07:46 am
Luminess Air New Beauty Edition - Medium

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A value of $532 Luminess System Kit allows you to apply all of your makeup – from foundation to blush to bronzer to tanning,with exact precision to create a flawless,airbrushed home. Lightweight and easy to use airbrush makeup sprays transparent layers,providing total coverage without lumps on,heavy look. In a few minutes,imperfections are erased,wrinkles are reduced and skin looks and feels beautiful.The makeup kit offers a wide range of basic colors and blush to mix and match both your skin and change color to seasonal changes. (Bronzer,Pearlizer and primer / Moisturizer) The Bronzer gives a sun-kissed glow of your body or face,The Pearlizer acts as a marker eyebrows and eyes are Primer / Moisturizer Oil-free formula Light for all skin types – can be applied before or after foundation. Achieve a glowing tan all year round golden glow at home with the upgrade kit tan.Whether you are looking for a healthy glow gold or a deep dark tan velvet,this spa quality FDA approved airbrush tanning solution is the best way to get a perfect tan at home. Very innovative formula contains instant tanning bronzer instant tan physically active and designed to darken the skin with dihydroxyacetone (DHA),approved by the FDA for external use,ensuring a beautiful tan without orange coloring. The kit includes: Complete Makeup Airbrush System – Compressor,Stylus bag and medium group Makeup Starter Kit – Ultra Foundations (UF3-UF6),4 oz Blush x 0.25 (3n),0.25 g,Shimmer,.25 oz ,Bronzer,0.25 oz Primer / Moisturizer,0.25 oz Tanning Upgrade Kit – Pen and a tanning bed Media Solution,2 x 1.5ozPlease Note: Tanning Upgrade Kit Luminess Tan excluding compressor quantity limited. While stocks last.

  • Airbrush tool to create a flawless makeup look at home. A 2 Value



Luminess Air Makeup System?

2011-12-30 13:48:09 by grtc

Anyone try this airbrush makeup system yet? I saw i've seen it on The Doctors and the Tyra Banks show but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Cheapest place i found it so far is for $29.95 on
Anyone know if this is legit?

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  • Avatar Susan B Luminess Air, Is This a Fraudulent Company or What? DON'T ORDER FROM THEM!! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS!!
    Apr 23, 2008 by Susan B | Posted in Other - Business & Finance

    Ordered Luminess Air 3/17/08, didn't receive by 4/17/08. Called 877-749-5777, toldmeIreceived 3/21, given UPS track#. Pkg delivered to Newbury, Ca. I live in Nebraska;called 4/23/08, on hold 22+min, Alice answers, repeate …er callers waiting-asked for mgr-got SUSAN-basically told me I was unreasonable, wouldn't refund,toldme2dispute$$-Did. Theycallback-askmeNOT2dispute/TOO LATE!Their Web site BAD. MC is refunding4/23. Now 2 the BBB Houston

    • I TOTALLY AGREE!!! I ordered from them to do the 30 day trial for $29.95. I tried it and did not like it that well. So I was planning on returning it. They make you get a RA number by calling them. I was on hold for like …er once mentioned this. I was outraged. And she said there was no way to cancel. This company really SCREWS with their customers. DONT BUY FROM THEM>!! If you are really interested in the makeup ,, look for it on ebay.