Luminess Air Makeup System

Posted on July 25, 2013 – 10:46 pm

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The Luminess Air Makeup System
Some women are seemingly dependent on the cosmetics section at the retail store. They may spend long periods of time looking within the rows and rows of blushes, eye shadows, foundation, powder, and a lot more struggling to find the most suitable combination of colors and coverage. For anybody who is one of these people, you undoubtedly possess a pile of make-up at your house that you've purchased with high hopes of getting that same remarkable look that the big-name celebs always appear to have, yet you find that the particular shop-bought make-up for the most part don't do the trick to provide you with the great results you would like. At this point, with your make-up bag filled to the top with products that you simply aren't satisfied with, you may possibly be thinking if you should try Luminess Air.

What Is It?

You could have seen Luminess Air on tv, or perhaps a family member may have told you about it. Put simply, it is an airbrushing system that applies liquid make-up onto your face by the finest of minute droplets. These tiny droplets in no time dry in place, then when they dry, they provide you better coverage than your existing cosmetic makeup products. The liquid make-up fills in or covers all your blemishes, scarring, and the like, which truly delivers a immaculate and completely smooth appearance. Yet it won't give you a caked-on or overly made-up look.
Will It Be Hard to Use?
To be truthful, you quite possibly won't get that immaculate look the 1st time you use it. It's really a new and different way to apply your make-up, and just like you had to discover the best way to apply your traditional cosmetics, you'll find that you will need to be able to use this unit and apply the cosmetic products intended for it, too. The Luminess Air, nevertheless, does have a instructional DVD and over-the-phone help. The majority do find that once they practice utilising the machine a couple of times, they really can achieve that flawless look themselves, and then they can enjoy exhibiting this look every day.

Does It Take a Long Period Of Time?

The very last thing you will need is to get totally hooked on a beauty practice that is certain to take you hours to attempt each morning. The Luminess Air system may look demanding, nevertheless the fact is that after you take a couple of days to grasp how to use it, you'll end up without difficulty applying your make-up. The reality is, almost everyone will see that it is just as fast to apply this make-up as it is to put on their existing cosmetics. Yet the results are completely different.
The reality is that the Luminess Air system is not for everybody since it does take some time to perfect the precise techniques. Yet if you find yourself one of the numerous folks who have tried your hand at pretty much everything and merely aren't thrilled with your current cosmetics, there is another method which will certainly ensure that you have celebrity-quality results. You actually won't need to have a drawer stuffed with cosmetics that you are currently dissatisfied with simply because the airbrushing system will do the job you want.


Has anyone used the Luminess air brush makeup

2008-05-14 06:07:55 by freddygirl

System? The infomercial looks too good to be true (don't they always?)I'd be interested to know if it works nearly as well as they say and if it's worth the $$.

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  • Avatar jessnmomf I want to try the Luminess Air system to cover up melasma areas on my cheeks, Will this work?
    Apr 25, 2009 by jessnmomf | Posted in Makeup

    I have tried EVERYTHING known to man to cover up a few spots on my face from melasma I saw an infomercial about this Luminess Air and wondered if it would work? Has anyone tried it and if so did it make a huge difference? Thanks

    • I purchased the Luminess Air system. I wasn't impressed with it. The foundation is Water based so it goes on really well and even but it doesn't last long. I think it must evaporate! It does cover mostly everything but fo …ng at all. But by the end of the day it looks like you are wearing nothing at all. I use it every now and then for a natural look but for good coverage that stays all day I still use a primer underneath liquid foundation.

  • Avatar xoCherrysweetxo Can I use Drug Store foundation in Luminess Air Pro Beauty Airbrush System?
    Nov 02, 2010 by xoCherrysweetxo | Posted in Makeup

    This is probably a stupid question...but...
    Can I use Drug Store foundation in Luminess Air Pro Beauty Airbrush System?
    Is Luminess Air Pro Beauty Airbrush System a good thing to have?
    Do you powder your face after you use Luminess Air Pro Beauty Airbrush System?

    Do you know a good place to buy the system?

    Please help!
    Thanks for your time.

    • Im not completely sure but I believe you can only use the foundation made my the airbrush system which isn't necesarily a good thing. Considering an airbrush system is quite an investment I would get a definite answer from the company your purchase it from.